Basketball Beginners Workout Plan

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basketball beginners workout processIt has been a dream of every basketball player to make a dunk, show some cool dribbling tricks. All that is to be done with single day training and that is something next to impossible. The truth is that even making a great shot takes a lot of time. But the continuous training and hard work reduces the time to get perfection in the shotsstarters that as soon as they hit the floor they don’t know what is the basketball beginners workout plan and various exercises meant for them. So, they start following the experienced players which results into a great pain or sometimes an injury that leads to a rest or make them away from the court for a while. It is very necessary for a beginner to know how to workout, which exercises to be performed.

Workout Process

basketball beginners workout process
Warm up: a jog for 5 laps around the court.
Squats- 2 set of 10 (60 second rest)
Lunges- 2 set of 10 (60 second rest)
Sit-ups- 2 set of 10 (60 second rest)
Push-ups- 2 set of 10 (60 second rest)
Jump rope for 2 minutes
Calf jumps- 10-15
Full court layups: dribble the ball with your own style.
Suicide sprint: starting at the baseline: run to the free throw line and back; half court line and back; opposite free throw line and back; opposite base line and back.
Play 1 on 1: make a shotrebound
Few shotscourt
and Cool down.

After continuously following the workout plan for few days the percentage of perfection in the shotsbasketball injuriesbasketball players. Now you’re ready to give a tough competition to other players.